A solution to friction and adhesion problems

Microfral® treatments, outstanding properties

Microfral® treatments, a revolution in surface treatments

Every time Man …
or his machines go to space,
MICROFRAL® is on board

The MICROFRAL® Department is part of FLUOROTECHNIQUE and is based on our Montreuil site.

Lubricant and non-adhesive treatment

Resists temperatures from - 250° to + 1100° C


MICROFRAL® Processes

meet the requirements of the aeronautical specifications
AMS 2525 (Graphite) & AMS 2526 (MoS2)


Applied using a particular process of cold spray, solid lubricant microparticles penetrate into the material to a depth of some microns and remain embedded in it forever.
The treatment is merely superficial, but it can be completely removed only by elimination of the impregnated material.
The embedding is extremely regular and uniform, independent of the geometrical variations of the treated materials.

A very thin film can form on the surface, but it can be easily removed since it does not represent the active part of Microfral®. Its thickness is constant because it is auto limiting.
The original dimensions of the materials are kept.

On any substrate

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramic, plastics, elastomers. In general, all materials whose machining is finished can be treated, whether it is manufacturing equipment or series parts.

Microfral® remains at your disposal to guide you