In general any dry or lubricated part for which
we want to increase durability, speed, performance, or for which we want to delay seizure or bonding.


MICROFRAL® has lubricating and anti-adhesive properties, and it can either be self-sufficient, or complement conventional lubricants.


MICROFRAL® is compatible with all combustible materials, liquid and solid fuels, oxidants, water, solvents, bases and industrial acids. It brings an in-depth treatment which facilitates the action of classic lubricants.


In some cases, MICROFRAL® increases conductivity, drains static electricity, and decreases the surface resistivity of plastics and elastomers.

Wear resistance

Being definitively and permanently embedded in the surface layer of the material, MICROFRAL® , whose basic function is lubrication, considerably increases the durability of the treated parts that are subject to wear. MICROFRAL® can lower the friction coefficient down to 0.03

Pressure resistance

MICROFRAL® resists all the pressures the material can withstand. It does not change the basic characteristics of a material, and increases considerably the performances of a material or equipment.

Temperature resistance

According to the type of treatment applied and also depending on of the basic characteristics of the material, MICROFRAL® can resist from -250° à +1100° C. It accelerates the surface heat exchange.

Radiation resistance

Microfral® is insensitive to radiations.
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